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A Quiet Place: Sound and silence

As I headed out to my car last night after the end credits rolled for A Quiet Place, I was hyperaware of the silence. I noticed every step I took, the slamming of my car door, the wind moving the bare branches. I got home and the door to my daughter's room creaked as I opened it to tuck her in before I went to bed—I died. I shuffled papers on the counter—I died. 

I even took a nap: an essay on darkness, suffering and beauty

As soon as I woke up, nearly naked, I immediately closed my eyes in defeat and remembered the night before. I had intentionally tried to draw blood. I was antagonistic and aggressive and mean. I had meant to initiate sex, thus why I was naked, but I was tired and annoyed for a reason I can't explain; so I initiated a fight instead.

Book reviews: What Made Maddy Run + My Life, My Love, My Legacy

These two are due at the library so I wanted to write them up before I lose them. I've been using the library a lot more lately because my addiction to Amazon Prime was getting a little out of control, but I still kinda hate not being able to write in the margins. 

I've got two books today, one memoir and one biography, both heavy and at times hard reads, but necessary…

The bathroom reader

It was a normal Sunday in October. The 22nd, to be exact. It was gorgeous out, which is to be expected in October. It's the month of perfect weather. I know adults shouldn't have favorite colors and months and numbers, but mine are as follows: green, 8, October. Evelyn and I both share green and, true to stereotype, Sophie loves pink and Theo's favorite hue is blue…