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A Quiet Place: Sound and silence

As I headed out to my car last night after the end credits rolled for A Quiet Place, I was hyperaware of the silence. I noticed every step I took, the slamming of my car door, the wind moving the bare branches. I got home and the door to my daughter's room creaked as I opened it to tuck her in before I went to bed—I died. I shuffled papers on the counter—I died. 

Film Review: The Beguiled

The story is set in an all girl's school in Virginia during the waning years of the Civil War. It's based off of the novel with the same name written by Thomas P. Cullinan. There is also a 1971 film adaptation which stars Clint Eastwood...

Film Review: Boyhood

It started off a little slow, to be honest. I wasn’t sure where it was going. And then something happened. Something clicked. The kids got older. The story just unfolded without a lot of flair and the big moments were glossed over while the day to day in between moments happened and then slipped away, and it was the most gut wrenching, tragic and wonderful thing that I have ever seen…