Haikus to see me through

Haikus to see me through

Thursday, August 30, 2018

The other morning 

an angry sky woke me up.

It wept a rainbow.


I promised her we'd

make chocolate chip muffins.

No eggs required.


Do you think it's pos-

ibble to be good and great? 

To be kind and known?


I held his body 

sobbed I love you I love you

it was all a dream.


She wears pink glasses

and looks a little sad. I

guess she is human.


The anxiety

of not knowing. Every

cramp, a sign. Then red.


There is a scene I 

love. Walt says: I am...awake!

Jesse's face is gold.


I am quite certain

that growing my bangs out will

be the death of me.


I'll never forget

the time she said: smell my nose!

I could eat her whole.


Hello brown bear I

haven't washed you in ages 

you must be dirty.


I wonder when I 

will feel like a grown up. Does

anyone know?


Today has been a

shit writing day. I've only

managed these haikus.

Theodore and Pollyanna

Theodore and Pollyanna

On love and pain and time: I had birthed a death

On love and pain and time: I had birthed a death