I used to think that there was only One Right Way to live. That way included turtleneck swimsuits, split the knee skirts, Republican-ism, a distrust of public school and "secular music," total and complete allegiance to The Pastors, "courting" (not dating), skepticism of feminism and people who dyed their hair purple, the phrase 'hate the sin, love the sinner' in reference to gay people, getting (straight) married at 18, submission (if you were of the female tribe), and utter contempt and hatred for the Clintons. 

Turns out there are other ways. Lots of ways! It's even possible to be a Democrat whilst not partaking in devil worship. Who knew?! Best advice I have (not that you asked) is: apologize to your kids when you truly are in the wrong, try to be kind and curious and empathetic, and say fuck every one in a while if you fancy it. I know it makes me feel better when I stub my toe (even though the voice from days yonder is still in my head chastising me.) Also, when your 3 year old says: "smell my nose!" when she wants you to smell her breath, write it down.