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A Christmas tree farm

I’ve been meaning to write this for over a month now. When we make a choice to do one thing, we are saying no to many others. And I have kept saying yes to dishes and laundry and sleep and sorting pile after pile of papers, and work, because I don’t want to get fired. This makes for a temporarily clean house and a somewhat rested body and a few extra dollars. But I’ve said no to creativity.

Too Rich

It's Arizona in July.

Meaning, it's fucking hot. We went out to get out of the house, but needed to find somewhere indoors because of said heat. The girls got sorbet, Theo got ice cream and Matt and I got acai, something I've recently discovered...

J + K Get Married on Quadra Island

It took an uber to a plane to another plane to a taxi to a rental car to a ferry to get to Quadra Island. It was quite the adventure. The ferry was one of my favorite legs, probably because that meant I was almost there, but it was beautiful and calm and the end of day light felt nostalgic as it danced on the water…

Victoria, BC

Last August my brother, Joe, got married. He and his wife decided to have their wedding on Quadra Island, which is an island within Vancouver Island, which is off the coast of Vancouver, BC. I spent two years in Vancouver, which was the beginning of an awakening for me. I became aware of the world outside of what was familiar to me. I loved my time in BC. I miss it often…